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Bernice Lim is the founder of Asia Psychology Centre, and currently serves as its director and principal psychologist. She specialises in therapy work with adults and adolescents on various issues, from emotion regulation, workplace burnout, to relationship problems. She has worked with clients from over 25 different nationalities and is adept working with a wide demographic of clients. She is also a certified sleep clinician (CBT-Insomnia) and helps clients with their sleep issues. Her approach is collaborative, and she uses different psychotherapy frameworks – sometimes in combination – depending on each client’s needs.


At Asia Psychology Centre, we offer various psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families. In addition, career coaching and vocational assessment services are also available for employees facing issues at work. These sessions can be conducted face-to-face, or via phone/video calls. We hold workshops and group facilitation sessions themed on specific issues as well, with the framework used depending on the participants as well as the topic in question.


We offer psychotherapy to help individuals cope with and address specific issues. The goal here is to restore the individual's mental and emotional well-being, and to empower them to lead their lives in a more balanced and fulfilling way.


Psychotherapy for couples at APC is structured to provide a safe, neutral space while giving each party an equal voice to help them address and resolve their differences. Our work here is focused on improving the partners’ communication dynamic, and helping them to address their needs in a constructive way, with the goal of promoting emotional growth and intimacy.


Family issues can be deep-rooted and complex due to intergenerational dynamics built over many years. We help to illuminate and address these dynamics during family therapy to facilitate compromise, understanding and mutual respect. Therapy sessions typically include two or more members of a family.

Career Coaching

Changes and challenges in the workplace sometimes lead to negative impacts on one’s self-esteem, performance, and motivation, not to mention their well-being. We work with individuals to help them manage such issues, achieve clarity on their goals and future plans, and to build up their confidence in navigating the various stages of their careers.

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